A little about Me, My kinks and My favorite types of play:

I’m most excited when I’m giving out humiliating, impossible tasks for My entertainment or being worshipped by a good obedient sub. I can be cruel and unforgiving or sadistically nurturing, depending on the tastes of My playmate and the dynamic we create together. It’s difficult to list all the kinks I am interested in or passionate about but types of play I engage in most include: chastity/keyholding, foot worship, ballbusting, tease&denial, clothed facesitting, wax play, impact, light cuff bondage, mommy domme roleplay, financial domination/drains/human ATM, latex worship, human furniture play, forced-bi brain rewiring, and trampling.

Examples of session inquiries that would excite Me: nylon stocking foot worship followed by ballbusting, grounded from getting hard mommy domme chastity roleplay, hotgirl bully denim facesitting and wax roleplay with cuff bondage. 

As for My domme style I am playful and lighthearted in My sadism, I am open to high protocol relationships but it is not My natural style. I have heard from submissives that they were surprised how approachable I am in person because of My mean girl image online. I’ll disarm you with My sweetness and then surprise you again with how much that doesn’t stop My sadism and mastery of interpersonal power dynamics.